First Impressions are important.

It’s what we call “curb appeal”. Trim and edge your lawn, trim trees and bushes and cultivate flowerbeds. Make sure lawn is free of debris and clutter. Consider touch-up or repainting the exterior of home if paint is chipped or peeling. Make sure your front door is inviting and clean; replace or repaint if needed. Power wash drive, sidewalks, porches, front pavement, fences, decks, and exterior of home, if needed.

Let the sun shine in!

Open all shades and mini-blinds; this gives an immediate impression of friendliness and warmth. For showings late in the day and at night, be sure to turn on all lights.

Fresh as a daisy.

Fresh as a daisy. Bright and airy bedrooms help to add sparkle to the character of the home. A gleaming and spotless kitchen helps to make the cook want to move right in. Consider repainting walls that are faded, chipped, or soiled. A small investment in redecorating frequently brings an early sale at a higher price. Remove all clutter.

If it’s broken, fix it.

Sticking drawers, loose doorknobs, warped cabinet doors, dripping faucets and leaning fences can cause prospects to wonder if the home has been well maintained. If necessary, call in a carpenter or plumber. Don’t put off cleaning out the closets, attic or garage and discard unnecessary items. Arrange what is left to show off the storage space to its best.

If your house has an odor, get rid of it.

If you don’t know if your house smells, simply ask someone who will tell you the truth. “If they can smell it, we can’t sell it.”

There’s a crowd.

Avoid having too many people present during showings. The potential buyer may feel like an intruder and hurry through the house. If you are home when an agent comes to show the house, please leave if possible. Only answer questions when asked. Remember, silence is golden.

Your Home Value

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